Question: How fast does the light work?
During the first session the light enters the cells and starts to heal at the cause.

Question: How many session are necessary?
Every condition has got a different cause hence the length of the healing varies as well.
You are healed when you are healed.

Question: Does the person who receives a distance healing need to know that they are being treated?
No. Light works on every animate being.

Question: Can light manipulate?
No. Light is the purest and highest energy in the universe.
Only humans can manipulate!

Question: Why do I experience so much darkness?
You human beings are on a planet of learning and attract darkness through your dark thoughts. Light transforms darkness into light.

Question: Where does the light work?
The light works where you don’t have the capability to act anymore. All the information is saved in your cells. The light goes to the appropriate locations and starts to heal there.

Question: How can I contribute to my healing?
It depends on what you pay more attention to, the light or the doubt. The energy which you are opening up to is the one that you attract.

Question: How can I feel the light?
There is no need to feel the light in order to heal. It works in your cells. When people start to feel the light, it is already on its way into the level of perception. And perception is the pre-stage of healing. However, as mentioned before, it is also possible to heal without perceiving the light. Every person reacts in a different way to the light.

Question: Who can be treated?
Every living being on this earth.